Project: Earlswood Road

“In 2010 we asked Alastair Macnab Architects to design an extension that is now the much-loved hub of our home. Our brief was to organise the space to function better for the needs of a growing family – a second bathroom, utility room, and lots of storage; in addition we wanted a bright and open space that would better connect the back of the house and integrate with the garden.

Alastair’s solution has not only met our functional requirements but is also an interesting and beautiful space to live in. The design demonstrates a good sense of proportion, a satisfying combination of curves and straight lines, and a careful palette of materials.

Alastair was extremely thorough in all his analysis and provided us with detailed options at each stage in the design journey. His professional decorum, his fastidious attention to detail and the pride that he takes in his work have ensured that the project has had a successful outcome.”